Welcome onboard the first ever Copernicus Model United Nations!


Copernicus Model United Nations is a conference organised solely by an experienced, dedicated and promising secretariat consisting of students from the 33 Copernicus Bilingual High School in Warsaw. The organising team is dedicated to creating an innovative MUN, introducing new ideas into the world of debating.

We will introduce the immensely exciting CRISIS committee that will gather the elite delegates from all around the world in order to create an ultimate council that will focus on fast decision making and collaborative teamwork.

In addition we will conduct a double-committee in the Security Council in which every country will be represented by two delegates allowing them to collaboratively work on debating and resolutions. Thanks to such creative ideas the Copernicus Model United Nations is destined be a great experience for all!

The Secretariat

Secretary General

Jakub Borowy

President of the General Assembly

Bertrand Kusiak

Deputy Secretary General

Patryk Misior

Deputy President of the General Assembly

Michał Kunstler

Chair of Security Council

Bartosz Atter

Under Secretary General for Finances

Aleksandra Żółkowska

Under Secretary General for Public Relations

Sandra Skubis

Under Secretary General for Delegate Services

Wilhelm Munio


We are introducing a media team! Our dedicated and experienced press group will be reporting from all committee work, making interviews and taking photos. All this to print our fabulous newspaper every day of the conference. Our media team will be coordinated by the Head of the Security Council Bartosz Atter and run by the Head of Press Ada Jarzębińska. Look out for the first edition!


You can find us on Facebook and on MyMUN!

Below a contact form for any questions and quires.